Candlelight Foundation

The Story

The Turner family lost their 19-year old son, Jeremy in a fatal accident in 1995. How could any parent face and live with the ultimate loss of a child?

Russ Turner is the producer and owner of Turner & Associates; a film, video, and web company. Russ recalls how he pulled out all of his photo albums and started putting all of Jeremy’s pictures into one album. It was to remember everything from his birth to when he was taken to be with the Lord. Russ pieced together a film for Jeremy’s memorial service.

Four months later, Russ Turner produced another memorial video for his wife’s best friend whose life tragically ended. Since then, Turner and Associates have produced many such videos all geared to help families through their time of despair. An idea was born and a spark ignited Candlelight Foundation.

Memory never leaves. It might fade a little but you hold on and the video brings back to life the memory. Jeremy had written a note in a Christmas card to one of his friends, sharing a verse from Phillipians 1:3, “I thank my God everytime I remember you.” Through the loss and grief, people look for hope and a way to remember. This is why Candlelight Foundation wants to help you remember